Privacy Policy

Thank you for using MIPARO Services. In this privacy policy we describe which information we collect, including your personal information, and how it is used and shared.

Overall, by using our Services you expressly are consenting to:

  • (I) The use of cookies and similar technologies.

  • (II)Transfer of your information outside of the country you live in, including countries which do not provide the same level of protection for the processing of personal data as the country you live in.

  • (III) Processing of your information, such as collection, use and disclosure of your information, within MIPARO and well as with MIPARO´s business partners and service providers including for advertising purposes.

  • (IV) Public availability and sharing, access, use, preservation or disclosure of your information for the provision of MIPARO Services as described in this policy.

Information we collect

We collect information to provide you with a better MIPARO experience. Some information that we collect is essential in order for our Service to function and some information is used to give you an improved experience visiting our website.

Learn more about how to manage your preferences in the “Your choices and rights” section in this policy.

Information that we collect includes information that you give us when using our Services and information that we get automatically from your use of our Services.

Information type Information that we collect
Activity information When using our Services we collect information based on how you interact with our Services, statistics on page views, such as the frequency, date and time of your activities and the types of content you view. We also store information such as search history and language preferences.
Registration information We receive and store information that you give us when you for an example create an account. This information can include your name, email address, username, password, gender, country, date of birth, company id, address and other information.
Contact with us When you contact us we collect interaction details such as date, time, reason for contacting us and conversation details, phone number and call recordings.
Device information & technical data Device attributes and technical data that we collect may include:
Network and device information from computers, phones or other devices from where you access our Services. More specific, device ID or other unique identifier, IP address, operating system. Connection information (e.g. Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE), language and time zone, phone number, referral URLs, browser and web server log information. We will not use for example GPS or Bluetooth to define your specific location unless you expressly permitted us to do so.
Use of cookies and local storage Information collected by the use of cookies and similar technologies including ad data. Please see our Cookie policy for more information about cookies.
Partners & Other sources We obtain information about you from partners, other service providers and sources. It can be information about your interaction with advertisers, demographic data and interest based data. We collect information such as username and access credentials and other information when you visit, use or sign in to our Services using a third party application or website.
Payment information When purchasing any of our Services we may collect and store payment information such as transaction history, company id, credit or debit card information and other financial information that is necessary for us to process your payment related to the purchase. This information may also be stored by the payment processors which we work with.

How MIPARO use information

We use information to communicate with you about our Services, provide, maintain, personalize, support and improve our Services. For example, we use information to:

Provide, maintain and improve our services

With the information provided we are able to deliver and improve your experience of our Service. We are able to ensure features and technical functionality, process registration and payments, conduct troubleshooting activities, analyze and understand how you use our Service in order for us to improve it and develop new functionality. We may, for example, use your email address or phone number to send you personalized recommendations of real estates you might be interested in based on your latest search. Your IP address will help us define your location in order to give you suggestions of real estates in your area.


MIPARO use your information in order to communicate with you about our Services and inform you about new features, updated policies and terms, improvements or other information such as special promotion offers. We or our partners and service providers may communicate with you by email, text messages, online messaging channels, push notifications or phone. To help us efficiently respond to you when you contact us we store the record of our communication. Read more in the “Your choices and rights” section to learn more how to manage your communication preferences.

Advertising and services

With the information provided we are able to show you relevant ads and measure the efficiency and reach of ads and services that are made available, linked to, or offered through our service.

Secure safety and prevent illegal actions

We use information to secure safety for our users on our Service and to prevent, investigate and detect potential fraud and prohibited or illegal actions. We also use it to protect rights, property and safety of MIPARO.


We and our partners and service providers use information collected from cookies and similar technologies in order to provide and support our Services. Please see our “Cookie policy” for more information

Sharing of information

We may share personal information with other companies in the MIPARO group, with our partners and service providers, companies, organizations or individuals outside of MIPARO.

This section describes how information may be shared by you or by us by your use of our Services.

Third parties applications

MIPARO may share information with third parties when you use a third party application that uses or is integrated with our Services. Such information may be attributed to your account on the third party application and may be published on such service.

Advertising partners

We may also share information with advertising partners in order to show you relevant ads. The information provided can for example let the advertiser know how they performed or help them understand their target group. The information that we share with advertising and promotion partners does not identify you directly (de-identified format)

Measurement & analytics and other service providers

We may transfer personal and other information such as your use of MIPARO Services to service providers, trusted businesses, persons, or partners to process information, perform services on our behalf or to help us provide or improve our Services to you. For example we work with services providers who analyze and collect data, facilitating payments, provides technical infrastructure and IT services. We do not give service providers permission to disclose your personal information except in connection with providing their services.


Some information will be disclosed publicly such as demographic information and statistics of recently viewed properties. The information that we share publicly is in a non-personally identifiable format.

Protection and Legal reasons

We, our partners and our service providers may disclose and otherwise use your personal and other information if we believe in good faith that it is necessary to do so in order to:

  • (I) Respond to legal processes

  • (II) To comply with requirements of any applicable law, regulation or governmental request

  • (III) To protect the rights and properties of MIPARO including to enforce Terms of Use and any investigation of violation thereof.

  • (IV) To detect, prevent or otherwise address security, fraud, illegal or suspected illegal activities and technical issues.

  • (V) To protect the safety of our users or the public as required or permitted by law.

Business transfer

In connection with any merger, acquisition or asset sale, MIPARO may share your information with third parties. MIPARO requires that the receiving party treat personal information in a similar manner as MIPARO.

Sharing by you

MIPARO offers you the possibility to share content with other MIPARO users and third party applications and others. You may share links of your latest property search and selected favorite properties by email, text message and social and sharing applications (including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google). Please note that links you share may be publicly available, on or off our Services. The information you share such as search lists may include profile information such as your username.

Third parties could use the information you choose to disclose, regardless of your MIPARO settings. If you share information to a third party application that is linked to MIPARO that information will also be available to MIPARO irrespective how you set your privacy settings.

Sharing globally

Our servers where we store and processes your information is located in a number of countries and MIPARO may share information about our users to third parties in countries other than your country of residence. Your information may therefore be subject to laws that are different from those in your country of residence. When we transfer your information outside the European Economic Area “(“EEA) and other regions with comprehensive data protections laws, we will ensure that the information is transferred according to our Privacy policy and as permitted by the applicable laws on data protection.

Your choices and rights

In this section we describe your choices and how you can manage your personal information.

Manage and access personal information

By visiting the “Your account” section of our website you can most easily update some information we hold about you, including your contact information and payment information.

When you update or deactivate your account we save your personal information as long as we find it necessary for our Services, for legitimate business or legal reasons, to fulfill the purposes described in this Privacy policy or as required or permitted by applicable laws.

By sending us an email at MIPARO@com you can request access to your personal information. When contacting us regarding your personal information we may for safety precautions ask you to verify your identity before we are able to act on your request. We may reject requests that are unreasonable, not required by law, require disproportional technical effort, risk the privacy of others, or would be extremely impractical or that could expose us to operational risk.

Review and update activity

At any time you are able to decide what types of data such as search history you want saved with your account. You can also manage cookies and similar technologies preferences on your device or browser.


We provide you with settings that make it possible for you to choose which communication you wish to receive. If you no longer want to receive certain communication from us that is sent via email or text message please go to “Your Account” settings of our webpage and uncheck the information you no longer want to receive. You may also click the “unsubscribe” link that is sent out in our emails and text messages. If you do not want to receive push notifications from MIPARO you are able to opt out from these.

Please note that you cannot unsubscribe from certain communication related to your account transactions.


MIPARO are dedicated to protecting your information and use reasonable measures in order to keep your information safe against destruction, unauthorized access, use and modification. However, since no measures can guarantee to provide 100 % security, we do not guarantee the security of your information.

We recommend that you use a strong and unique password for your MIPARO account and log out after having used MIPARO Services.


Our privacy policy may change from time and will be updated with a new version number. We will provide notice of such changes including when they will take effect as appropriate under the circumstances. Changes will be posted on our website. Your continued use of MIPARO Services after updates to the policy takes effect will constitute acceptance of changes in the policy. Please make sure you read the notices of changes carefully. We will keep the prior version of our policy in archive for your review upon request. If you wish to terminate the agreement and use of our Service due to the updated version of our Privacy policy, please contact MIPARO by sending us an email.

Our privacy policy does not apply to services that are provided by other companies or individuals.

Date of last revision February 20, 2017

For information about how to contact MIPARO, please visit our contact us page.