About Us

MIPARO Makes it easy to buy, sell or rent a property anywhere in the world. Even if everybody involved speaks different languages.

Are you a world citizen looking to move abroad? Miparo simplifies the process of finding, contacting, verifying, negociating and closing the deal. You search for properties in your own language. That´s it. You don´t need to be linguistic genius. We translate all property descriptions for you.

Want to make sure you've got a real deal? We've got your back. All listings go through a 2 step verification process. We keep all our findings available for you, including all contact information. Even though you are free to contact a local agent, we recommend you to communicate through our platform at all times.

Do you want to contact an agent but don't speak the language? No problem, just fill the contact form and we'll mediate the conversation. But don't worry, you don't have to pay a cent. Just ask your questions and you´ll get the answers. Easy as that.


Want to make sure you are paying a fair price? Each property shows its local market value, both in the local currency and in your own. We keep our listings updated weekly. When the price drops for locals it also drops for you.

Would you like a lawyer on site to give it the green light? Want to make some changes before you move in? Check our business center page. You’ll find a growing list of professionals both locally and abroad.

Are you a real estate agent looking to promote your properties to the world? We help buyers find their dream homes by searching in multiple languages and currencies, we help prospects and agents communicate with each other, negotiate the offer and finally close the deal.

Our story: Serial entrepreneur Mikael Westöö thought buying a property abroad was going to be easy. But with real estate scams, fake listings, legal loopholes and strategic misstranslations... it turned out to be an eye-opening experience for him. Once the dust settled. Once he got his dream home in Nice, France... He decided to apply all he learned during the process to build the ultimate solution for international buyers.

First he had to filter all the noise. In a very loud industry. He couldn´t do it all on his own, so he assembled an international team of experts to get the job done. And an army of freelancers to cherry-pick the first 1.000 real estate agencies.

We are the new guy on the block. Today MIPARO is the fastest growing real estate platform in the world. We are here to help people buy, rent or sell their properties. Whereever they happen to be.

For more information about us, please write to us via email or via the Intercom button at the bottom right of this page.